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Silly Sewer Inspection Video

Jason in our office is hilarious… he made a sequel to the original “Pipe Dweller” video we put on youtube a couple years ago. Mice in pipes, who knew it was so funny.


Who should pay to repair our damaged sidewalks??

Show Me the Money: Sidewalks.

This video (Link above) from KCET a few weeks back is extremely interesting and informative on the subject of LA City Sidewalks in regards to damage caused by roots (which also tend to cause Sewer Problems) and who should be responsible for the funds necessary to repair our many cracked and broken sidewalks… and who should be liable for accidents? Currently the city is spending 5 Million a year in injury related lawsuit costs!

Should the LA City Council be responsible? Does the responsibility belong to homeowners (who currently are not paying for these repairs?) It seems that the first step should be to apply to the “Shovel-Ready” program to see if we can recieve Federal Stimulus funds in order to repair some of the worst sidewalks.

Please feel free to weigh in here with any thoughts or comments about the topic! At any rate, those of us in the real estate community should certainly be aware of the issue and fight to protect homeowner rights.